Heading Out

Boo is now just over six weeks old and, for the most part, we have spent our time cooped up in the apartment. It’s just been too cold to do much else. Of course, we’ve gone out for meals, shopping, doctor’s appointments – but on Sunday, two days ago, we finally got a chance to really go out and explore the fresh air. It was about sixty degrees, so it was warm enough to be outside for a long period of time, but it was still cool enough that I put her in a fleece hoodie and covered her up with a blanket. (The hoodie has ears, too! Look!)

In retrospect, it was probably mostly for me, since she slept almost the whole time. We used the stroller for the first time, too; I got the car seat and stroller (which fit together) as a gift from Mike’s parents and the stroller part has been sitting in her room with nothing to do for months.

It’s hard to believe that she’s six and a half weeks old. Time is going by way too fast. My grandma really wasn’t kidding when she used to tell me that I was growing up too quickly; you don’t understand how quickly kids do grow until you have a child of your own. I’d give anything to just sort of be stuck at this age for a while, until I’m ready for her to get a little older, but life doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

Michigan seems to have blessed us with more cold weather, so there likely won’t be too many days like this again until spring officially starts.

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