Q & A

So… who are you?

I’m Katie. My main job is that of “mom.” I owned a business for a while, but gave it up when my third child was born. My hobbies include napping and sleeping in. (Seriously, I love sleep. I don’t get enough of it.)

Who are your children?

I’ve got two daughters and a son, born January 2013, March 2016, and July 2017, respectively.

Why are there no pictures of your children?

Privacy. More on that here.

What’s your background?

I have a bachelor of arts in criminology and criminal justice with a concentration in law enforcement. In my life, I’ve worked as a utility worker and cashier in a grocery store, an office assistant for my university’s housing office, “coat check girl” at a local bar, an assistant teacher at a before school (and summer day camp) program, and as that girl in the copy center of a major office supplies store who had a horrible attitude problem. (Sorry.) I worked from home for a few years before finally turning that in for stay-at-home motherhood.

Who’s your significant other?

That would be Mike. He’s pretty wonderful… most of the time. ;)

We’ve been together since 2008, and married since 2014.

Why “All Riled Up”?

Well, I agonized over the title of this blog for a long time. About a year or so. It was The Mommy Diaries for a while, and then Being Mommy, and then we went back to The Mommy Diaries, but I wasn’t happy with it. A friend of mine suggested the name All Riled Up because it was punny and I love puns. It was the first name that actually stuck.