Q & A

Who are you?

I’m Katie. My main job is that of “mom.” I owned a business for a while, but gave it up when my third child was born. I’m an occasional writer and I probably take too many naps.

Who are your children?

Boo is my oldest, born 2013. Peanut is my middle child, born 2016. Buddy is my youngest, born 2017. (Not their real names, but I’ve chosen not to put their real names on this blog for privacy reasons.)

Why are there no pictures of them on any of your posts?

Privacy. More on that here.

What’s your background?

I have a bachelor of arts in criminology and criminal justice with a concentration in law enforcement. In my life, I’ve worked multiple retail jobs, I’ve worked at a bar, I’ve worked at a latchkey (and summer day camp) program, and I’ve worked in a university office. I worked from home for a few years before finally turning that in for stay-at-home motherhood.

Who’s your significant other?

A dude I met in college. He works in IT.

We’ve been together since 2008, and married since 2014.

Why “All Riled Up”?

I agonized over the title of this blog for a long time. It was The Mommy Diaries for a while, and then Being Mommy, and then we went back to The Mommy Diaries, but I wasn’t happy with it. A friend of mine suggested the name All Riled Up and it was the first one that really stuck.