Any Day Now

Words cannot describe how incredibly tired I am.

Image result for there are 31 days in a month except the last month of pregnancyI’m due with baby number three tomorrow and it feels like he’s never going to arrive. My hips hurt badly, I’m not sleeping well, and I’m generally just really irritable.

It’s also my last baby and I feel like I should be enjoying the end of this pregnancy more, but I’m really struggling with doing that.

It’s a bittersweet thing, knowing that I’m so close to having this baby but also knowing that we aren’t intending to have more kids. I’ll be able to have my body back for the most part (minus breastfeeding, if that works out), which will be great, but this will be last of all my “firsts” with a new baby. I suppose that’s probably how every parent feels.

Counting down the days, though. This hip pain is the worst.

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